Annual General Meeting


JULY 14, 2006  

TERM 2006-2008

Nominees are:

British Columbia:           Chuck Jordan
                                       Marguerite Jordan

Chuck began teaching in 1955 and obtained his BPE in 1962 and his MPE in 1966.
Chuck began dancing in 1960 and in 1961 began calling.
He taught & called in Germany, 1966-1968, and taught & called in Australia, 1980.
Various positions for V & D Caller Teachers’ Assoc. 1974-1990.

Chuck & Marguerite Chair-couple 1st Leadership Seminar 1991; Chair-couple 2nd Leadership Seminar 1992;
Chair-couple 3rd Leadership Seminar 1993.
President of the Vancouver & District Caller Teachers’ Association 1989-1991. 3rdVice President BC Square & Round Dance Federation, 1991-1993. 2ndVice President BC Square & Round Dance Federation, 1993-1995. President BC Square & Round Dance Federation, 1995-1998. Past President BC Square & Round Dance Federation, 1998-2000. Acting Past President BC Square & Round Dance Federation, 2001-2002. Recipient Couple of the Scroll of Honour, 1997. Co-Chair-Couple 12th Canadian National Square & Round Dance Convention, 1994-2000. Canadian Society Director since 2002.

Alberta:                        Norman Demeule
                                     Loretta Demeule

Norman & Loretta started dancing in 1975 with the Merry Mixers Square Dance Club of Fort Saskatchewan, AB, and began calling in 1976.  They have served as Edmonton & District Callers & Instructors Association (EDCIA) representatives to Alberta Square & Round Dance Federation (ASDRF) for many years.  Also, served as:  President Couple ASDRF for a two-year term, General Chair-Couple for the two ASDRF Conventions (1994 & 1998), and Program Chair-Couple for one ASDRF Convention (2002.  Established several Square Dance Clubs.  hosted square dance tours to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii & Eastern Canada.  Recipients Alberta Rose Aware (1999).  Have recently designed & built their new home located on a 3-acre parcel with the city limits of Fort Saskatchewan, AB, which they operate as a Bed & Breakfast.

Saskatchewan:             Martin Mallard
                                     Terry Mallard

Martin and Terry started dancing in 1955, and began calling and teaching in 1956.  Over the years, they have established seven square dance and/or round dance clubs, and helped to start the first Caller’s Association in Saskatchewan in 1959, and assisted in writing the constitution for the first dance/caller association which grew from the first callers’ association to become the Hub City Square & Round Dance Association, later participated in formation of the Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation, and set up and maintains the Federation web site.  They initiated a square dance weekend, taught wheel chair dancing for five years, toured Canada and northern USA between 1963 and 1970, and were on staff of the Hawaiian Stave Festival in 1971.  Martin and Terry have hosted square dance tours around North American and into the South Pacific.  In addition to chairing the International Convention, Martin was the permanent director representing Canada on the Convention Board for 19 years.  Martin and Terry joined at its start in 1974, have attended every Callerlab Convention, and served on the Board of Governors since 1982.  He is the first Canadian caller to receive the Milestone Award from Callerlab.  He is one of only two advertised Accredited Caller Coaches in Canada and is currently serving as Past Chairman of the Caller Coach Committee.  Martin and Terry joined the CSRDS Board of Directors in 1996 and have been Vice President since 1998; also serving as the Membership Chairman.

Manitoba:                     Lorraine Kozera
                                    John Kozera

John and Lorraine Kozera have been active in the organizational aspects of square dancing since they began dancing in 1977 with the Paws ‘n Taws Square Dance Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Many hours of personal time and finances have been invested in the leadership roles at club, association, federation and national levels.

At the club level, John and Lorraine were responsible for the Allemande 8’s Square Dance Club’s finances, special events and promotion. At this time, they assisted with a very young group of dancers (7 and 8 year olds originating from Lorraine's classroom). As part of the club, but a committee onto itself, John and Lorraine chaired the Load the Boat Committee for four years.  This involved organizing a weekend dance with a Sunday dance cruise on the Red River.

John and Lorraine served on the Winnipeg Crocus Festival Committee from 1980 to 1986 as Special Events Chair and from 1986 to 1993 as Registration couple.  John and Lorraine served on two Canadian National Conventions that were held in Winnipeg.  In 1984, John and Lorraine chaired the Public Relations Committee – what a wonderful opportunity to develop our public speaking skills; and, in 1992, served as the Registrar Chair - organizing and bookkeeping were very instrumental with this responsibility.

Other events that John and Lorraine organized or helped to organize were:  the square dance portion for a Dance-a-Thong Charity Fundraiser; television interview; print media interview; dance entertainment for Folklorama; dance entertainment for an Art and Craft Show; choreographed a square dance routine for the purpose of promoting a record for CKY-TV; developed a Manitoba Square Dance Directly; initiated the production of a Manitoba Square Dance License Plate; twice prepared and co-signed a Provincial Proclamation for Square Dance Month; and, in square dance jamborees for elementary students in the River East School Division (in Winnipeg).

John and Lorraine served in various capacities at the Association level, Federation level, and National level.  At the Association level they were:  Special Events Chair, Promotion Chair, Fitweek Co-ordinators, Vice President for 2 years, President for 2 years, and Past President for 2 years.  At the Federation level they were:  Eastern Association Representatives, Vice President, President for four years, Past President, and continues to serve as Public Relations Chair – preparing certificates, establishing two Crocus Awards, prepared Club Manuals, and just completed a Callers’ Binder containing the various types of bursary and grant information and application forms.  At the National level, John and Lorraine came on the Board in 1988 being responsible for Promotional Supplies Advisory Committee Chair; Fitweek Advisory Committee Chair, Constitution Review Chair, and Secretary from 1990 to the present.  Currently, John and Lorraine volunteered to be on the CSRDS Communications Committee.

John and Lorraine truly enjoy every minute that they give to the square dance organization because it has given them a healthful exercise program and an opportunity to meet and work with the many wonderful dancers across Canada and around the world.

Ontario:                       Bill Taylor
                                    Bonnie Taylor

Bonnie and Bill Taylor began square dancing in London in 1984.  Travelling to dances beyond their home base added to the pleasure of meeting and dancing with new friends throughout Ontario.  Friendship set to music is definitely their interpretation of the square dance movement. They have served as vice president, secretary and treasurer and still provide leadership as presidents at their home clubs, Circle T Squares, Shiloh Buckles and Bows, and Swing “N” Wheel Campers.

Forest City Festival benefited from their talents for 8 years.

They served for five years on the executive of SWOSDA as vice president, president and were in charge of callers’ program.  They currently represent them on the Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation as secretary.  They were President Couple from 1997 to 2000.

Bonnie and Bill have a passion for camping and RVing.  In 1966, they joined and are still active with the Family Campers and Rivers (formerly National Campers and Hikers Association), the Themes Trolls as well as the Ontario Provincial Association which represents all member clubs in Ontario.  Their family, a son and three daughters, enjoy lasting friendships made during membership in this organization.

They have served on committees of three different FCRV Campventions held in Ontario.  In 1984, it was never in doubt that they would join the National Square Dance Campers, which allowed them to combine dancing and camping, in Ontario and many other locations.They have served on the executive of the Ontario Camporee, which was held in Tillsonburg, Ontario.For many years, they organized square dance demonstrations at the London Trailer Chair.  In 1994, they co-chaired the first NSDCS Camporee in Canada at Ancaster, Ontario. Involvement in planning for Festival 2008 is their current project. Bill is a former member of the Optimist movement.  he enjoys reading, solving crosswords and his work as a painter and decorator. Bonnie is an accomplished seamstress and enjoys creating their square dance outfits. Bonnie and Bill are devoted tot heir four children and seven grandchildren.

In 2002, they were the proud recipients of the Ontario Square & Round Dance Trillium Merit Award.


Quebec:                            Gary Geldart
                                         Maureen Geldart

Gary & Maureen became interested in square dancing in 1993, joining the Swinging Stars Square Dance Club.  They served five years on the Executive of this club, and four years on the Border Boosters Square & Round Dance Association, serving as Directors, Vice President and Dance Directors.  They have been Directors of CSRDS since 1998.

New Brunswick:                 Alan Clays
                                          Doreen Clays

Alan & Doreen have been dancing since 1992, when they started square dancing as Ties & Frills Square Dance Club in Grand Bay, NB, and which they served two terms as President Couple.  They were the original directors for Ways and Means for Convention 2002, held in Saint John, NB, before being asked to take over the position of General Chaircouple in 1999.  They received the New Brunswick’s Distinguished Service award in 2003 for their support of dancing from sea to sea, from PEI to BC and in the NE States, their Silent Auction at the Kick-Off dance for Convention 2002 and in meeting their challenges in the hosting of a very successful Convention. Alan and Doreen continue to be included in Saint John’s “Professional Volunteers”.  They served previously as New Brunswick’s representative on the Society Board from 1998-2000.

Nova Scotia:                       Bob Ruohoniemi                                                                                                                                                                           
                                           Inge Ruohoniemi

Bob and Inge took up square dancing with the Scotia Dancers club in 1992 after Bob’s retirement from the Air Force.  They have served as club Presidents, Halifax Metro Association Chairs, Chairs of the NS Provincial b-annual Festival, and as Presidents of the Square & Round Dance Federation of NS.  They recently organized the newest club in the province.  Inge continues to be the Federation representative to Dance Nova Scotia (DANS), the provincial organization promoting all forms of dance in the province.  They chaired a square dance – Marketing Seminar in 2005.   Currently, they serve as Publicity Officers for the Federation, and Bob is the Federation Newsletter Editor.  They have attended Conventions in New England, Toronto, and three Canadian Nationals as well as dancing in Maryland, USA, and Germany.  They are looking forward to Festival 2010 in Halifax, NS, for which they serve as Executive Vice-Chairs Marketing.  They dance two to three times per week at the Mainstream & Plus levels.  They serve as volunteers with several community support groups.  Inge and Bob have two sons and five grandchildren.

Prince Edward Island:       Wendell Brown
                                          Edythe Brown

Wendell & Edythe began dancing in 1975 with the Charlotte Twirlers Square Dance Club in Charlottetown, PEI.  The caller/instructor at that time was Murray Mayhew.  Over the years, they have filled most offices in the club and were president couple in1980 and again in 1986.  Wendell & Edythe were also charter members of the Old Home Week Jamboree Committee which over the years has been instrumental in bring to Prince Edward Island, some of the best callers from all across Canada.  With their other hobbies of golfing and travelling, they still find time to dance 2-3 times a week and are looking forward to their involvement as directors on the CSRDS.  They may be contacted at E-Mail “brown”

Newfoundland & Labrador:           Roy Church
                                                      Joan Church


Roy and Joan have enjoyed their involvement with square dancing since 1984, starting with the St. John’s, NL, 3F Program and the Avalon Stompers Square Dance Club.  They have been President of the Club for four terms and are still on the club’s executive.  They have participated in forming a Federation for the province and joined the Newfoundland & Labrador Caller Dancer Association.  They have been elected to the Society Board since 1990, serving as Treasurer from 1991 to 2002; and were elected as Society Board President in July, 2002.  They are active volunteers in church and community projects.  Roy is currently Past Chair of the Avalon Chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons.


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