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To see the Video "Dancing Keeps You Young - An Introduction to Modern Square Dancing"
DVD - "Dancing Keeps You Young"  2006

In August of 2006, Lloyd and Brenda Juhala, with Shinobi Creative Services in British Columbia, produced a DVD, "Dancing Keeps You Young" to assist with the promotion of square dancing.  Financial assistance for this project was provided by the BC Square and Round Dance Federation and the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society.

The Juhala DVD is an ideal tool to promote the modern square dance recreation to adults because it identifies the many benefits of getting involved.  It can be an excellent supplement to word-of-mouth promotion by actually showing what was spoken about.  It would be very useful for a dancer who finds it difficult to persuade friends or relatives to try the activity.  Also, it will touch upon promotional elements that may not be remembered in a conversation.

The Publicity Committee of the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society has made a copy of this DVD available to all Society Directors. For more information on how to obtain and use a copy of this DVD "Dancing Keeps You Young" please contact your Provincial Society Director. Each association or zone could obtain and duplicate additional copies of the DVD for their clubs if they wished to do so. 

 However, the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society and the BC Square and round Dance Federation requests that if copies of the DVD are made, please download the label and the jewel case insert and use them to keep the product looking as professional as possible.  (See the links below.)



The PR Committee now has Canadian Square & Round Dance Society logo lapel pins for dancers.  These pins will be available though the Provincial PR Committee Representatives  and Federation/Association Representatives in each Province/Territory.  These colourful red and white pins are 3/4 inch square with a single pin back and safety clasp for easy fastening.  The pins provide a symbol of the activity. Dancers are encouraged to wear one proudly as one way to provide some personal p.r. in their local community.  Look for the sale of these pins at upcoming dances in your area or contact your PR Committee representative. The cost is only $3.00 each; any proceeds will help promote square & round dancing even more at the Canadian and Federation/Association levels.  Consider presenting a pin to new dancers at graduation!

The Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation has prepared a variety of  'Information Guidelines' for the assistance and use of Clubs.  Check them out. These include:
Sample Club Constitution                                     Incorporation of Nonprofit Organizations
Compliance with the Copyright Act                        The Travel Industry Act
Attracting New Dancers                                        Abbreviated Rules of Order for Meetings
Tips for Running a Tape club                                 Promoting Square Dancing


This space is available to be used for suggestions and ideas from dancers and organizations and the PR Committee of ideas for promoting and marketing our activity. Submit your ideas now to your PR Committee representative!

The Society has developed Bookmarks for promotion purposes Print these and distribute them to prospective new dancers, libraries, community centres, chamber of commerce, Doctor's offices, etc.  See other examples of Bookmarks on the Ontario S&RD Federation website.  - See files : BokmarkPage_1_163x571 and BokmarkPage_2_163x571

The Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation has prepared two excellent "Information Guidelines" that may be of assistance. Go to the Ontario S&RD Federation site and click on 'Info Sheets'   These include "Promoting Square/Round Dancing" and "Attracting New Dancers".    Have a look at these.

Displaying & Posting Flyers in Stores    
Here is an idea to use small spaces in commercial businesses to display square & round dance flyers/brochures.
The space used is so small that business will allow you to use their space for advertising.
Easily create a display box to hang on a wall that holds flyers using heavy paper. Simple to do!  
Also includes a couple of flyer/brochure ideas for content.
Put the information on you new dancer classes on the flyer/brochure.
See the display box and sample flyers.

Other resources to consider for acquisition are:

Creating Marketing & Recruiting Plans
Ian Henzel Plan For Square Dance Recruitment
This is an excellent publication for creating Marketing & Recruiting Plans for Square Dance Clubs.
This Plan (62 page document) has been used successfully by his club to increase recruitment of new dancers to the club. The Plan or Manual contains many ideas for a club to consider in its ongoing recruitment planning. 
See an excellent article in CDN, July, 1998. 
To obtain a copy contact: USDA PUBLICATIONS & EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS at:  and/or contact  Jim & Edythe Weber  (Email:

Ian Henzel Plan for Square Dance Recruitment - Available in PDF Download   -   Adobe Reader    - 

Download Adobe Reader - Get Acrobat Reader 

 "Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity" by Barbara Florio Graham is available by mail for $20.00 postpaid (Can.).  This 90 page publication is an excellent practical guide and resource to getting stories to the media for coverage of the activity. You don't have to pay for advertising if you can get the story covered as a news item. Also an excellent reference for those planning major events and wanting to get media coverage.

Also check out the various articles posted on the Square Dancing Article Co-op

Check out: - ideas on increasing business, wanting marketing to work  - publicity, public relations and marketing   - marketing ideas

Links to promoting square dancing
Square dancing might be promoted/listed in catalogues of physical/healthy classes (like gymnastics, fitness training, etc.) which is distributed to members of local health insurance companies. In booklets list class as "Training for memory and reactions" - Germany

Round dancing ads might not mention round dancing as this is not understood, but talk about learning the Two Step, Cha Cha, Jive, etc. to modern music.  Use the ballroom catch words.  - John Brant

Recruiting Brochures - adapted from Callerlab Press Release
An area on the back of a brochure can provide space to include the name, address and/or phone number of your club or contact person. Your area may be large enough to have a central contact point; someone willing to act as an informational liaison person.  In this respect one name is less confusing to the non-dancer than listing a contact person for each club. The liaison person should have all the information available about dance nights, dates, times, places, costs, etc. This requires co-operation of all clubs in the area. This works! Many reports indicate this has been very successful.
Individual clubs should arrange to have only one contact listed on the brochure.  This assures that all non-dancers, calling for information, get the same information.
Contacts should point out that the square/round dance activity is wholesome, energetic, fun, and it promotes good health. Be enthusiastic and tell people how much fun it really is. Friendships last a lifetime and where else can you go and feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Promote friendship along with the activity.
The following is a list of some locations where brochures can be made available to potential dancers. You may be able to think of others.
Adult Education Centres              Health/Fitness Clubs                        Senior Centres
Art Centres                                 Hobby Stores (music, craft, etc)        Shopping Malls
Barber Shops                              Service Clubs                                   Laundromats
Beauty Shops                             Sporting Goods Stores                      Teen Centres
Square Dance Shops                   Chamber of Commerce                      Libraries
Churches                                    Local Colleagues                               Municipal Offices
Video Rental Stores                     Mail to ex-dancers                            Welcome Wagon
Movie Theatres                            Visitor Magazines                              Western Shops
Company Recreation areas           Real Estate Offices                            Restaurants
Dentists Offices                            Doctors' Offices                                Drug Stores
YM/YWCA                                   Grocery Store Bulletin Boards
Dry Cleaners


October, 2005

Strathroy Square and Round Dance Club (Swinging Duos) in Ontario planned a newspaper campaign with their local newspaper, "The Age Dispatch" with great success. These articles are what is needed to add synergy to the Canadian Square & Round Dance public service announcement shown on cable television across Canada.  Some would say there is nothing new in these articles but there is. They clearly spell out in a series of three articles exactly what square dancing has to offer to their friends and neighbours. They have kindly agreed to share these articles with you in the hope that you too will experience a surge in new dancers.  


If you wish to keep fit the easy way, try Modern Square and Round Dancing!  No special skills are necessary and it is not a competitive recreation.  If you can walk, you can square dance.  If you can smile as well, you'll love it!

Square dancing involves a "set" of eight people moving to directions given by the caller.

 Round dancing is couple dancing in a circle formation responding to "cues" given by the cuer.

 Anyone can learn.  There is no age limit to enjoy square or round dancing.  If you enjoy walking for pleasure, then you will really enjoy square dancing.  It is like walking to music.  It's great fun and good exercise.  It's mentally stimulating, the music is good, and we laugh a lot.  No experience is necessary and two left feet are fine!

Visit the Strathroy Swinging Duos Square and Round Dance Club on Monday evenings at the Strathroy Seniors' Centre, 137 Frank Street, for a friendly evening out and see what it is all about.  Round dancing for new dancers takes place from 5:00-6:00 p.m. and for experienced dancers from 6:00-7:15 p.m.  Square Dancing begins at 7:30 p.m.  Square dance classes for new dancers will begin on Monday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m.  For information please phone Keith & Dorothy Wilton 519-264-1447

Article number Two

In 1959 there were eight Square and Round Dance clubs in South Western Ontario - today there are almost 50 clubs.

Modern Square and Round Dancing is for the average couple who enjoy meeting new people and share a common interest in music and friendship.  The fun starts on your very first night.  You meet new people and make new friends.

Modern square dancing is a challenge.  It is dancing, thinking and teamwork.  Moving in rhythm to music keeps you physically fit.  Reacting quickly to the square dance calls keeps you mentally on your toes.  It is a worldwide activity that combines mental and physical exercise in a great social format.

The Strathroy Square and Round Dance Club, named the Swinging Duos, has two excellent leaders.  Tom Charlton, a dairy farmer in Springfield, is our square dance caller.  Tom began learning to call in 1986 and now calls weekly for clubs in Strathroy, Iona, Tillsonburg and Brantford.  Peter and Sybil Chandler of Middlesex Centre, retired farmers with many interesting hobbies, have cued for Round Dancers since 1978.

Come and join us on Mondays at the Seniors' Centre.  Rounds at 5 p.m.  Squares at 7:30 p.m.  It's easy!  We'll have you dancing in ten minutes.  Square dance classes for new dancers will begin on Monday, October 17th.  For information phone 264-1447.


Article Number Three

Modern Square and Round Dancing is enjoyed throughout Canada, USA and 50 countries worldwide.  It provides Fun, Fitness and Good times in a healthy environment with new music from Golden Oldies to Elvis to today's Hot New Country!

Modern Square Dancing is an activity where couples can do something together and it helps reduce stress and tension.  It is recommended by the Heart and Stroke foundation as a viable form of exercise that can reduce your risk of Heart and Stroke disease.  Modern square dancing is reported to improve cholesterol profiles, strengthen bones, and prevent or slow osteoporosis.

New dancers usually wear casual clothing and soft soled shoes.  Prairie skirts are popular with the ladies.  Men are encouraged to wear long sleeves.  Singles are also welcome as they can pair up to form a couple.

The Strathroy "Swinging Duos" invite you to join the fun on Mondays in the Seniors' Centre on Frank Street.  Round Dancing at 5 p.m.  Square Dancing at 7:30 p.m.  You might like it!  You'll never know till you've tried it.  New dancers please phone 264-1447 for information.


Moving and Grooving - a Dance Program for Schools and Community Groups (Dec/04)
The British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation and its Public Relations/Promotion Committee are pleased to announce the completion of Moving and Grooving - a Dance Program for Schools and Community Groups. Details of this program are below. Further details, as well as an order form, are on the BCS&RDF web site We are trying to spread the news as far as we can because so many people have expressed interest in having such a program available to them. Our advertising budget is rather limited and we would greatly appreciate if you would pass on this information to others involved in the activity.We would also appreciate help to get an advertising flyer into as many schools as we can.
Most School Board offices have mail slots or pigeonholes for each school. Usually permission is granted to put flyers into these slots - but permission must be given, probably by the Superintendent or other District Staff member.
If you are able to get these flyers to local School Board Offices or know of someone who can do this, please let us know ASAP and we will send a quantity of flyers - let us now how many you need.
We would also like to advertise the program with the Guides and Scouts and other Youth Groups such as Church or Community. If you would like flyers for this, please let us know also.
It is our hope this program can be used by teachers and community leaders to instill a love of music and dance in children as well as providing them with another means of much needed exercise!
Kind regards,
Nick and Mary Anne Turner
President - BCS&RDF

Details of the Program:
Moving and Grooving - a Dance Program for Schools and Community Groups initiated by the British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation.
The program is designed for the instructor with little or no dance experience. There is no need for boy/girl partnering. Dancers are not referred to by gender, instead, the left hand dancer is a "1" and the right hand dancer is a "2".
Moving and Grooving comes in a 3-ringed binder - 169 pages of easy to follow instructions and information. There are 8 CDs. The program is divided into two sections:
Moving (3 CDs) has 7 Solo dances, 8 Partner Circle dances, 8 Trio dances, 5 Mescolanzas, 13 Contra dances and 3 traditional Square Dances. Most of these have a Walk Thru on a separate CD track.
There are diagrams of all the dance formations and written descriptions of all the dance steps.
Grooving (5 CDs) has 23 step-by-step sequential Square Dance lessons on CD and 43 singing calls. There is also information on square dance related topics and, for teachers, suggestions for correlating Square Dancing with other subjects.

As this is a nonprofit venture, we ask that you send a donation IN CANADIAN FUNDS of $65.00 or more PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING TO:
The British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation,
c/o Nick and Mary Anne Turner,
942 Soda Creek Road, Williams Lake, BC, Canada V2G 5E4

CANADA: $12.00. U.S.A. $18.00 OVERSEAS: $18.00
Delivery: Canada: 3 - 10 days, U.S.A: 12 - 15 days, Overseas: 6 weeks

     SQUARE DANCE NOW   -  Volume 1 
An easy all-in-one Guide (with CD) for the New Dancer that can be used by teachers.  Available from Hanhurt's Tape & Record Service and look for Wagon Wheel Records.

 SQUARE DANCE MANUALS - The Handbook Series
Invaluable Helpers for both Dancers and Caller/Teachers
Endorsed by Callerlab - The International Association of Square Dance Callers 
  . The Indoctrination Handbook (INDOC) -32 pages
  . What all square dancers should know! 
  . The Mainstream Handbook (MS) -64 pages
  . The Plus Movements Handbook (PLUS) -32 pages



  • Have you thought about providing Endowment Funds to this activity? Money donated is invested and the interest earned is spent each year on a particular goal; i.e. caller/leader-training or for the "promotion of square dancing".

    Donate monies to your own Federation or to the Society, as you would to a charity or special interest. What is a special thought of yours - write it in your will. Any questions can be directed to: .  Endowment Funds can be sent, with the special notation, to the Treasurer: Roy Church, 3 Florencia Court, St. John's, NL  A1E 6K1 Email:   


  • Have you considered working with a Health Association on a local basis. This can be a vehicle for raising funds for the charity and achieving some publicity and visibility for the activity and the club. These groups might include: Heart - Stroke Foundation, the Cancer Society, Terry Fox Run, Alzheimer's, etc. Do your local "health" associations provide information to the public or to their patients/participants indicating the values of our recreation? Have you asked them to have your flyers available for their clients?

    September is Square Dance Month

    Toe-Tappin music and laughter with friendly people 
    Stimulate your brain and exercise your heart while meeting new friends !

    Suggestions for Your Club's 2004-5 Goals

    1. Definitely have a new dancer dance program this year!  Every club needs "new Blood" to replace the dancers who have left the activity for health reasons, etc.
    2. Don't accept statements like "we can't find any new dancers"!  There is no such thing as "can't"; please call us and we'll give you some hints to get a new group going this year.
    3. Set up a permanent "Square Dance Marketing" Committee! Your club and square dancing are still the best kept secret in your community.  It is time to tell the world about your club and the fun you are having square dancing.
    4. Have at least six theme dances this year and really market them to other clubs near your town.  All clubs could use four or six squares of visiting dancers.
    5.  Have your club caller call only half of your club dances; invite guest callers for the other half. This setup is good for your caller and good for your dancers.  It is good to dance to other callers regularly.
    6.  Visit at least six other clubs during the year!  If you visit other clubs, they will visit your club.
    7.  Don't mix programs at your dances.  When you mix programs some dancers will not receive the full benefit of your dances.
    8.  Allow your dancers and guests to wear "street attire" at your dances.  The trend is more casual and you will have more guests if you mention in your dance schedule and flyers that "casual attire" is acceptable - just come and dance with us.
    9.  Prepare a club budget.  A budget is nothing more than an organized plan of action.  It will help you keep tabs on expenses and income.
    10.  Appoint a nominating committee now for your next election of officers.  You don't want to say, "My turn is up - who wants to be president?"  A nominating committee will help you get good people to lead your club next year.

    Reprinted from CDN with the permission of the author Bernie Coulthurst, Editor of Club Leadership Journal, His address is PO Box 766, Plover, WI  USA 54467-0766 Phone (715) 824-3245 E-mail
    Let the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society about your success of getting the Club goals going in your club.  The idea works!!

    The Square Dance Article Co-Op - currently references 384+ articles

        Square Dance Links -
    2 Excellent Reference Links

    The PR Committee is assembling a copy of a variety of reference materials and resources.  Watch for the list to be added here.

    United Square Dancers of America - materials available
    The following publications and educational materials are available free of charge:
    ISO = Information Sheets 
    P = Pamphlets 
    B= Books 

    IS-001  Recruiting New Dancers 
    IS-002  Retaining Dancers 
    IS-010  Club Incorporation 
    IS-018  Square Dance Attire 
    IS-020  Square Dance Organizations 
    IS-023  Class Graduation 
    IS-025  Club Newsletters 
    IS-028  Club Specials 
    IS-040  Club Checklist 
    IS-045  Master of Ceremonies 
    IS-047  Square Dance Floats 
    IS-050  Club President Responsibilities 
    IS-051  Vice President Responsibilities 
    IS-052  Past President Responsibilities 
    IS-053  Club Secretary Responsibilities 

    IS-054  Club Treasurer Responsibilities 
    IS-055  Social Director Responsibilities 
    IS-056  Club Delegate Responsibilities 
    IS-057  Club Member Responsibilities 
    IS-058  Club Caller Responsibilities 
    IS-060  Club President Calendar 
    IS-062  Vice President Calendar 
    IS-063  Club Secretary Calendar 
    IS-064  Club Treasurer Calendar 
    IS-072  USDA Information
    IS-073  USDA Officers & Information 
    P-010  Club Incorporation 
    P-070  Club Erosion 
    P-Y01 Attention Youth Dancers 
    P-Y02  Youth Advisor's Guide 
    B-075  Recruiting and Keeping New Dancers 
    You can now print USDA PUBLICATIONS & EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS from the Internet
    by accessing USDA's home page at:

        For Leadership Materials:                                        Youth Materials Only:
        Jim & Edythe Weber                                     Debra Mills
       USDA Publications Committee                               USDA Youth Advisory Committee
        1316 Middlebrook Dr.                                               5102 New Mexico Lane
        Liberty, MO  64068-1941                                           Cypress, CA  90630
        (816) 781-3598                                                             (714) 828-6119

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